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The everyday is dull.

The repetition of something you do or use everyday.

But what if it can be more creative than that?

Recently, Bob Mytton designed a poster everyday for 100 days creating JazzTypes. Each poster taking a different jazz artist as its starting point. Some worked. Some didn't. But it was about being creative everyday.

For this year’s calendar we've produced something a bit different. Inspired by our JazzTypes project, we have fused together elements that are integral to our work at Mytton Williams – creativity, experimentation, collaboration and innovation – with technology and a little bit of jazz.

Collaborating with Adam Rodgers, owner and creative director of REMOTE, a digital studio specialising in art commissions and commercial work, and Tom Berge, jazz pianist and composer, we have created a calendar, that is ever changing.

A real-time animation, creatively generated each day. With seasonal colour harmonies, particles appear and disappear to form the date, all in response to the day, the music and the season. Utilising the latest modern web technologies, the animation reacts with the music and the user can interact with it too. It’s a living and breathing calendar, that’s different every time.

The aim was to associate the music with time and the seasons. Sixteen unique jazz tracks have been composed, four per season, with four instruments used for each piece. Every track containing a common twelve-note theme relating to the twelve months of the year. They will be selected each day, at random, to go with the animation.

Together the elements create an animated year.

365 days. 365 unique creative expressions.

Daily updates from @Everyday_Jazz on Twitter.

Listen to the jazz tracks here.

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